Heriz rugs are Persian rugs from  the area of Heris, East Azerbaijan in northwest Iran, northeast of Tabriz. 19th centuryexamples of such carpets are often found on sale by major auction houses in United States and Europe.  The Antique SerapiHeriz Rug is one of the most after rugs particularly in the USA and England for many years.   The oversized Bakhtiari carpets represent the endeavors of a group of highly skilled weavers and dyers, and usually took up to six years to complete. […]

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Silk & metal wrapped thread Kashan ———————————————— In the world of antique Persian rugs, Kerman carpets are celebrated as being among the best. Kerman rugs are prized by collectors for many reasons, including a wide range of designs, a broad palette, use of natural dyes and fibers, great tensile strength and abrasion resistance, and expert color combinations. No two Kerman rugs are precisely alike, but these general characteristics typify this enduringly popular style. Kerman Raver Contents : 1Designs and motifs of […]

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Antique Tehran  Antique Kashan Silk & Metal Silk Ghom Antique Silk Tabriz Silk Ghom Wool & Silk Carpets Silk finest Hereke Finest Silk Hereke Silk ghom signed Silk&Metel Hereke Silk Tabriz Silk Keyzari Wool and Silk offers a broad catalogue of hand-made rugs that reflect the market’s demand for care and attention-to-detail coupled by a designer’s strong artistic prowess. Unmatched in our aim to give the best possible service, our work ensures delivering the best of quality rugs for the […]